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February 9th, 2005

timacx @ 12:23 am: GO. HUNT. KILL SKULS.

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February 2nd, 2005

veazey21 @ 04:25 pm: The Official Nerd Corps tights
Below is a list of all the specifics that will allow you to create the official tights of the Nerd Corps. "Black" denotes the color in the upper-left corner of the palette. "Medium blue" denotes the color fifth from the bottom and fifth from the left.

Hero's Choice, but most go with a standard head featuring the rounded domino mask in black.

Chest: Tights 1, Sharp (black/med. blue)
Shoulders: Hero's Choice
Chest Detail: Atom (black/med. blue)
Gloves: Smooth/Bare, Full, None (med. blue/black)
Belt: Hero's Choice

Pants: Tights 1, Stripe 3 (black/med. blue)
Boots: Smooth, Tights, None (med. blue/black)

Cape: Half Mantle, Long Cape (black/black, both sides)
Brooch: Hero's Choice

January 31st, 2005

timacx @ 09:42 pm: Ask Stateman - Issue #2Collapse )

January 27th, 2005

timacx @ 12:13 pm: I saw the greatest thing yesterday while in Outbreak.
I was working on Isolater and I saw over broadcast "HELP I'M STUCK". Of course, someone replied "type /stuck". So a few seconds later, I saw the guy who was calling for help type "type /stuck" and then say that it wasn't working. It went on for a few a few comments about trying to get him to not type the word type. Then he asked for a TP out of where he was stuck at. Thankfully, someone said that no one at this level has teleport. Then someone said that warshades get TP inherently. So they said he would have to wait until someone created a warshade to come thru Outbreak for him to be released. He actually agreed with that. But then the warshade I was standing next to said that warshades only get TP self at this level and that he would have to get out on his own. Finally, the helpless guy said that he figured out that if he jumped right he could get out and he was now free. By this time I already had my badge and I was just sticking around to see what all else was going to be said. They ended up arguing that he is a newb and that only a newb would do something like that...of course the guy denied it.
I think that has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on CoH.

January 24th, 2005

sleeptech81 @ 10:53 am: Greetings and Salutations
I don't know who (if anyone) still reads this LJ Community, but, I recently joined and was even promoted to 1337 Master :). Name's Decievius... lvl 30 Illusion/Empathy controller. Just connecting the LJ and COH communities and tieing them to one another.

I'm honestly glad that I joined up.... this is the best SG I've been a part of yet!

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November 10th, 2004

timacx @ 10:20 am: Statesman news and new members
News from Statesman:
1. We're going to be re-evaluating ALL the armor sets - not just changing their art. So EVERY issue involved with Ice, Dark, Stone, etc. is going to be looked at.
2. Fear changes are across the board. Any power with fear will change from "foe running away" to "foe cowering and not moving."
3. Mission Slider - Update 3.
4. Yes, I'm still worried about Super Reflexes being a tad gimped. We're watching it.
5. Yes, we'll do trenchcoats - not in Update 3, but soon after.
6. We're done with Blizzard - for the moment.
7. We are not looking at Flight or Energy Blast.
8. I do want to tweak Shadow Shard and Rikti Crash Site so that they're more user friendly - and worthwhile. I can't give a time table yet, but I want to squeeze in a couple of changes as soon as possible.
9. We will have a system to do missed lower level content - eventually.
10. The DVD special edition xtras will be available to current players - we haven't yet decided on how we're going to get it to them.
11. We aren't planning on adding more Pet Controls anytime soon, but they are definitely needed as we expand pets (remember what I said about adding a 10th power to every set....)
12. I'll note that people want the Friends list expanded.
13. I'll also note the auto decline for team invites.
14. Same with a better UI for buying several Enhancements.
15. Weather effects aren't scheduled any time soon.
16. Adding Tanker damage has become a little problematic. It makes the almost too powerful...but it's an ongoing issue internally. We are definitely adding more aggro control to the Tanker.
17. Mind Control - outside of Fear - there are not any more changes planned in the immediate future.

Also, we have some new members to the Nerd Corps and Midnight Patrol: my roommates Adam and Mike. Adam is Decevious (sp?) and Max Blade. Mike is Blood Rites.

October 20th, 2004

timacx @ 01:56 pm: Defense guide I stumbed across that may be helpful.

Also, dark armor is getting fixed!

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October 19th, 2004

timacx @ 01:22 pm: This one is for the Simian Defense Force

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October 6th, 2004

timacx @ 03:21 pm: Check this out!
It's the movie for DarkStar for Fallen Templar when he gets to a high enough level:

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September 28th, 2004

timacx @ 01:20 pm: Veazey needs to see this:

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